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Global Voices of Music Therapy: An interactive wiki

This is a platform for music therapists from around the world to share information about the practice and development of music therapy in their country. Information for individual country wiki pages are generated and edited by users themselves, using the common framework of sub headings provided.

This is an inclusive and respectful forum, and multiple perspectives are encouraged. This culture is supported by Voices moderators Maren and Lucy, who provide oversight and technical support to contributors. Moderators are available to address user concerns, but do not edit wikis for accuracy. As this is a wiki, users are invited to amend inaccuracies themselves.

Welcome to the Voices Wiki page

The Voices wiki is a dynamic, interactive forum. Users are encouraged to refine and add to the content of their country page. Literature references and links to related online material are highly recommended. Professional language is expected for all content.

All contributors can submit information in the native language of their country. A Google translate link on each page allows content to be translated into diverse languages for readers. While imperfect, this feature provides access to the forum for a broader spectrum of contributors and readers.

Contributors are asked to adhere to the following limits:

- No advertising of music therapy services, resources or courses. Links to relevant websites may be provided where appropriate.

- No music therapy testimonials

- No large media files

- No inappropriate language

- No qualitative or comparative judgement of practices or training programs

Moderators manage adherence to these limits and provide overall oversight. Amendments may be made at their discretion. Any questions or concerns can be directed to:

- Maren Metell, Nordoff Robbins, London, UK/University of Bergen, Norway: or

- Lucy Bolger, University of Melbourne, Australia:

- Africa

- Americas

- Asia and the Pacific

- Europe and Central Asia

- The Middle East

How to create your entry: Media: Editing the wiki-page.pdf

Historic collection of "Country of the month"-presentations [1]